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Our living room window is huge. Like 80″ X 120″ huge. When we bought the house, there were some curtains already up, and they coincidentally matched the color of my pillows. So they stayed even though I never really loved them.

They were always wrinkly (even though I took them down and ironed them more than once), and the hems were not straight. Of the 8 panels that were on the window, they all were different heights, and I just tried to ignore it because I knew that covering that huge window (and the other smaller window in the room) would be expensive and difficult.(Here’s a photo of the smaller window with the curtains in disarray.)

Not long ago, Chad mentioned that the curtains needed to go. I agreed. So the next time I was in Target, I went down the curtain aisle to see what was there. To my surprise and delight, I found long panels in the exact color I wanted. 50% off even. So I bought them on the spot knowing that I couldn’t make them for that cost.

They were a little bit long, so I needed to hem them (and create two short panels for the smaller window), but it was well worth the effort. The room looks so much better now, and they offer more privacy to boot. Hurray!