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I’ve never put curtains on most of the windows in my house, but I’ve always intended to. There’s just something about choosing window dressings that intimidates me. What’s my style? What would best fit the space without inhibiting the light? They cost how much? So my windows have sat bare (except for blinds) for almost four years.

Perhaps choosing curtains wouldn’t have been quite so intimidating if there had been curtain rods, but I had to buy those as well. And if you don’t know what kind of curtains you want to hang, you don’t know what kind or style of rod/board you need. I kind of felt like I had a chicken and egg conundrum. But right before Christmas I ran across a killer deal on curtain rods. They’re simple and modern, and they were a great price for quality rods, so I went for it–without knowing exactly what I was going to hang.

After gathering lots of ideas from some internet shopping and pinning, I made these valances during Saige’s nap, and when she woke up, I took them into her room and started hanging them while I talked to her about what we should do for the afternoon. She looked up, and said, “Pret-ty.”
There’s nothing like a little affirmation from your 21 month old.