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This past Sunday Chad blessed Brynley in our home. We were planning on blessing her at church, but our families had conflicts on the Sunday(s) we would have done it, so we decided to bless her at home instead.

It was a small gathering of mostly family, but it was really sweet and special. I loved the minutes before the blessing when I was able to take some photos of Brynley in her dress and with her daddy. I loved that we were in our clean home (which took a lot of effort the day before) with the people we love most.

Brynley was so sweet the whole day. I had to wake her to dress her, and she was still happy. She wasn’t sure about what was going on when they were getting ready to bless her, but as soon as the blessing started, she stopped fussing. It was perfect. Then she let everyone hold her as she finished her nap.

It’s amazing to reflect on how much our little family needed her. Chad and I have had to work together even more to make things work in the everyday running of things, and I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to raise our kids together. How I love my little family!