Do you see all that chub? We’re loving it and the pinchability factor that goes along with it. Brynley is such a sweetie. Right now she’s a bit of a momma’s girl, and I adore all the cuddling and cooing. She still loves to talk and flirt with her eyes. And those smiles! You can’t help but smile along.

This month she’s been sleeping all through the night (about 9:00 pm to 6 or 7 am), gave us her first giggles, and discovered her fist. Apparently it’s pretty tasty, because she smacks on it when she’s hungry. It makes me smile.

She’s also settled into a fairly predictable routine–which will change now that I’ve said something. The rest of us are finding our groove as well. It’s nice to have some predictability in your day, even if it’s an “ish” (as in “She takes a nap around 10ish.”). It’s also fun to see how similar yet different our girls look and act. They’re individuals, but they’re definitely siblings!