When we moved into this house, I liked how open the kitchen was. I thought it was great. I liked it until I tried to cook something, and then realized how many things I’d change about it. For instance:

What is this strange wall next to the fridge? It’s not load bearing, it’s just in the way.

Where is all the counter space? Really. I usually end up using the stove top as a counter when I’m not actually using the burners because there’s no place to put anything. The little countertop there is is chopped into mostly useless chunks.

Oh this corner… Lots of wasted space, and it ends up as a dumping place because it’s mostly out of view and I can’t use it for anything useful.

There’s a whole blank wall, and the builders/architect decided to leave it L-shaped. A girl needs space to work!

The microwave cart and island were actually left by the last owners, and we were glad to use them, but the cart makes everything look messy and the island is only partially functional (there’s a fold-out piece that can’t handle much weight, so it’s not really useful for anything other than holding the cook book).

Electrical outlets… I need more or at least better placed outlets.

Lucky me, I married a VERY talented man, and this past weekend he started building me a new kitchen. So in a couple of days, this non-functional kitchen will go away. And I won’t miss it.

Pictures and updates will follow. :)