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I can’t believe I haven’t gotten this post done before now. It’s been written and the pictures taken since the week of Brynley’s blessing, but something always seems to come up. So before any other interruptions occur, here’s Brynley’s blessing dress.

I can’t think of many things sweeter than a perfect baby dressed all in white. They look so angelic (because they are) and peaceful. And it reminds me what a special gift babies are.

I was going to have Brynley blessed in my blessing dress (from when I was a baby), but when I tried it on her on the Thursday before, it just didn’t thrill me. So I thought about what I wanted her dress to look like that night, and Friday I got some serious sewing done during a longer-than-usual naptime (what a blessing). I love the results.

I’m not a big fan of the long blessing dresses that seem to drown the baby. I’d rather have a shorter dress that showcases the baby goodness. I had this brocade that my mom bought to make a jacket for my wedding, but ended up not using. It was light enough for the dress style, and feminine without being over the top. The perfect blend of innocence and grace–just like my baby girl.