My mom recently bought one of those bias tape makers, and let me borrow it for a bit. I’ve been on a bit of a kick making yards of bias tape in fun fabrics. I’m not sure why I like making it so much.

The machine doesn’t save any of the work cutting, sewing, and trimming your bias strips and you still have to wind the strips into the machine, but it does save time at the ironing board, which is the worst part in my opinion. It also doesn’t make double fold tape, so I’ve been folding it while it’s still hot and winding it on the cards so hopefully when I unwind it it will have a nice crease.

So it’s been nice to borrow, and I’m excited to make some projects with fun bias tape accents (or these fun bias tape bows, which take about two minutes to whip up). Until then, I’ll just enjoy looking at it on the cards…