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It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here. The kitchen tear out happened while I took the girls to Idaho for a few days, so we missed a lot of the action, but Chad sent me progress photos as he went.

The floor went in first, and I’m a lucky girl to get heat mats under a beautiful tile. And a cool tile layout. It really looks nice. While Chad grouted under the appliances early on, we just finished the rest of the grout a couple of nights ago. What a difference a nice floor makes! I hated our floor before. It always looked dirty and was just unpleasant. Much happier with this option.

Then there was the electrical. It took a long night (with a couple of fabulous helpers) getting the wire pulled and a few outlets ready for appliances. There are still more outlets to put in, but one thing at a time, and they aren’t the highest priority.

More updates coming this week…