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With the tile laid, Chad was able to put in toe kicks and boxes that he built at night after work. Have I mentioned how lucky I am? He works during the day then is working on this HUGE project at night.  This may have been one of the most important steps to me.

All my food and kitchen “stuff” was occupying the ENTIRE living room, so putting things on shelves was an amazing step forward. 

I could finally get to my living room, open the window, and sit on the couch again. It’s the little things, right? Oh, and having most of the stuff in the kitchen again was nice and functional as well.

Saige has also enjoyed having the cabinet boxes in. They’re great for hiding and playing in (especially when I want to dress her).

Saige and Chad in the pantry.

I love how it was the first visual of the new layout. Once they were in, I kept stopping to just look at how different everything looked. I kept commenting how ironic it was that adding more cabinets and counters made the space look bigger. And more functional. I could immediately tell how much better everything was going to work for cooking and get a feel for how I was going to use the space. Bliss.