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Then the stove, microwave, and fridge. Oh, how I missed having my food in the kitchen. I actually went to the living room to put things in the fridge a couple of times after it was back in place.

We were all so excited to have things back that I had to make bread in the midst of the chaos. Ta Da!

The sink/disposal/faucet was next, and took some plumbing and electrical work to get things going. It’s crazy how “simple” things can become complicated when you have to move pipes and the like. After nearly two weeks of doing minimal cooking (so there weren’t so many dishes to wash in the bathroom sink), having water and a sink was monumental.

Oh the dishwasher. I bought one online, and immediately upon sliding it into the space, we knew it had to go back. It just was cheaply made, and wasn’t going to work like we needed it to. It also looked out of place in the kitchen (old dishwasher in photo…). So for part of our date night, we took the dishwasher back and found a replacement. It looks SO much better, is better quality, and we got it for the same price as the cheaper one because it was a floor model. And it works like a dream. Once we got it hooked up and did a trial run, Chad asked, “Does this mean we can eat on real plates now?” Yes. It does.

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