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So what’s next? We have to order doors and drawers so Chad can stain/paint them once they’re made. Since the cupboards are custom made, the doors and drawers will be as well so they fit perfectly. The uppers will be white, and the lowers a dark, rich brown stained alder. I would have loved to have it all the alder, but I was really afraid of making the space look smaller with too much dark. And I do love the look of white uppers but I didn’t really want it to be too trendy, so it was a tough decision. The balance of light and dark won out though. And I’m positive I’m going to love it.

Also coming up is granite counter tops. I went and looked at slabs to choose what I liked, but didn’t see any prices, so I’m sure I’m in for a big surprise. Of course, Chad knows someone who can help us with good prices (I think he knows someone for just about every trade there is out there…he’s a networker and trade master!) but it’s still going to be painful. I’ll be sure to oogle at the counters every day for as long as they’re ours though.

Then there’s little things like finishing the electrical, a backsplash, buying and installing lazy Susans and the trash drawer, and getting everything organized. There’s a ton of work left to do, but it gets closer every day.