My first baby is two. 

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Ask her what she wants for breakfast, and she’ll tell you what she feels like. Sometimes it’s banana bread, or pancakes, or “Daddy’s Kind” (Reese’s Puffs), or yogurt and honey. Or fruit leather. She has a mind of her own in a good way.

She sometimes randomly comes up to you and says “big kiss” before kissing you, then nonchalantly goes back to playing.

She and her baby doll are good friends. Her imagination is vivid, and she takes such good care of Baby. Today she kept telling Baby that she was “too heavy” before putting her down.

She loves her sister, and wants Brynley to do things with her. Today they sat in the kitchen cupboards together. They both enjoyed it.

She loves being around other kids. A couple of weeks ago, we had Anna come play for a few hours. She’s still talking about Anna. And when we go on our walks in the morning, she requests that we “find kids.”

Five-and-six-word sentences are pretty normal for her, but she doesn’t say a word when she’s around other people. I think she’s an observer like her mama.

If you say something she agrees with, she’ll say, “That’s true.”

She has the best surprised face in the whole world. Her little mouth makes the cutest “O,” her eyes shine, and the delight is so apparent that you feel it too.

I’m a Little Teapot is dang cute when she sings it. And her dancing is joyful.

Happy birthday to my beautiful little girl!