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Um, yeah. My baby is 7 months old, and I haven’t done her updates in 3 months. So you get a triple dose because I have to show her off a little.

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Brynley loves her toys, and will sit and play for a long time (provided that she can still reach the toys). It’s absolutely adorable. Sadly, I didn’t realize how ready she was to sit until I thought I’d see if she could do a few seconds and she sat up for a full 5 minutes. I totally missed the hints that she was so ready.

She’s still a talker, and loves to jabber, squeal, and giggle whenever she feels like it.

At her 6-month checkup (the day we moved) she was just under 15 pounds, which is a bit small compared to her peers, but she’s still roly-poly and delightful.

I think I’m enjoying the babyness a little more this time around. I really just adore every phase she’s in and don’t want her to grow up. But grow she does, and I love that too. She’s going to be crawling before I know it, and it’s sad but exciting.