Between our apartment complex and the trailhead there’s a small marshy area with reeds. Then there’s lots of trees and cover as the trail follows a canal. One of the first things I noticed on the trail was this sign:

But there were so many people around and none of them seemed concerned, so I wasn’t either.

Then the other night we went for a walk as a family, and all of the sudden we were in the middle of a symphony of yips and howls. It was uncanny and a little eerie. The coyotes were on both sides of us, and as we rounded a corner one peeked around a bush at us before we decided to turn around.

Then yesterday morning, Chad took Koa for a walk and they had another encounter with a coyote in the reeds near the complex. With so many rabbits, squirrels, and other wildlife so close, it’s no wonder they’re present, but it’s still a little unnerving. I just hope we don’t have any more encounters of the close kind!