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Remember in The Sound of Music when Maria makes play clothes out of curtains? Um, yeah. I did that.

I took down these linen curtains because they were too casual, but then decided that I couldn’t let yards of fabric go to waste. So I got out a pattern I’d been wanting to make that I thought would go well with linen, and started cutting.

I did have to be careful because there were some pieces that had sun fading, so I had to choose carefully. I thought it was kind of funny though.

Oh, and the sleeves. I tried three different sleeves on this dress. The first were a sort of cap flutter thing that looked great on the model, but made me look like a linebacker. The second pair were a puffed peasant sleeve, and they were so big I looked like a little girl playing dress up (or like Anne Shirley with her puffed sleeves).

Finally, I gave up on the pattern and roughly copied a sleeve from a shirt I had in my closet. They finally looked like I envisioned.

I like the subtle shape and that it’s comfortable. I can’t ever find this length of dress that works on me–I think I’m long from the hip to the knee, and it’s really frustrating, so being able to add 4 inches to the bottom was really nice. And hopefully it doesn’t look like I’m wearing curtains.

As a complete side note, I once took a Sound of Music tour in Austria, and tour guide starting everything he said with, “Do you remember when Maria and the children…” Starting this post similarly just seemed appropriate and humorous.