We have been having such a good time here in Colorado that three months have flown by. But it’s still not home. We’re at the half-way mark, and I’ve found myself several times looking at photos for the background–for my home. 

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It’s funny some of the things you miss–like the sound of Saige’s feet down the hall, the kids at the picture window, my paint colors on the wall, Saige’s little brown chair, the “feel” of the house, and even some of the house’s flaws (lack of storage space is a huge one). And it’s kind of odd that I miss the new kitchen drawers that I’ve never yet organized but really want to. I guess when you spend so much time and energy making a home what you want that comes with the territory.

That said, I still have time to be in the present and enjoy my temporary home–it’s nice storage space, having no yard work, and the memories we’re currently making.