Do you ever get in those little funks where nothing comes easily and you feel a bit like you’re treading water? I’ve been in one of those lately. I’ve done a few projects, but haven’t felt the urge to get out the camera to document them. When I’ve had a few minutes I haven’t needed to make something. But I feel like I’m starting to come out of it. Inspiration hits at strange times. And in the meantime I just keep doing little things (like more burp cloths and baby stuff for my sister) to help coax my mind and hands back to their more creative

Also, I’ve been trying to concentrate more on providing Saige with more structured  teaching. We’ve been working on her letters and started having letter-themed days to help find excitement in educational activities. She’s young, but she’s a sponge. It’s so fun to see her pick up some paper or look at a sign and casually identify letters and numbers. And keeping her mind busy makes her happy, too.