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Way back when, I made Saige a lovey that she’s adored ever since. We actually made two so that if one got lost (or dirty) we’d have a backup.

We were so careful to keep one hidden, so Saige thought there was only one. So one day I told her that Lamby was dirty and that I needed to wash him. She calmly said okay then asked for the other one–“Clean Lamby.” Too smart.

So I knew that I wanted to make a lovey (two) for Brynley. Mom found these cute bunnies months ago, and then I finally got around to making them into little blankets. Soft minky and cotton quilted together with a cute striped binding. The ribbon on the bunnies didn’t go with the blanket, so I made them a different bow from the binding to pull it all together.

She sleeps with it all the time, and I think she’s getting attached to it. She likes to hold the bunny’s ears when we’re rocking and she gets a little smile when she feels his soft fur. She doesn’t know that there are two yet.