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This isn’t a new creation for me, but I have recently received compliments on it, so I thought I’d share.

My sister found a great shirt at Anthropology and I immediately loved it. So I had to try my hand at recreating one. I made this when I was still pregnant with Brynley, and couldn’t really wear it (for obvious reasons) and then never got around to taking photos until now. I wish I had a picture of the original, but it was already gone from the web site when I saw my sister’s shirt. Oh well.

Taking a XXL shirt (another $2 Shade steal), I took in the sides then used that material for the ruffles. I cut a slit from the neck to the armpit on the one side then sewed the first row of ruffles into opening. The other rows were sewed behind the first ruffle, and tacked into place.

Then I pinched sections of the shirt and sewed them from the inside to create the puckers. Four puckers to a row and three rows.

Finally, I sewed elastic into the opposite side seam for ruching.

A little time-consuming to figure out, but worth it in the end. And made even better when sitting next to such a little cutie.