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I’ve never liked Halloween. Call it a lack of confidence and a hatred of looking stupid, but Halloween just isn’t my holiday. Even as a kid I would volunteer to stay at home and answer the door (without a costume). I figured I was the big winner because I didn’t have to get dressed up and I was all alone with a bucket of candy. :)

As an adult, if I had to go out, I’d don a cowboy hat, boots, and jeans with a button-down shirt and call it good. If I didn’t have to go out, I’d turn off all the lights, refuse to answer the door. I figure buying a bag of my favorite candy and sitting at home watching a good movie in my jammies is a MUCH better time than putting on a costume and feeling ridiculous. Chad joined me in these shenanigans.

But then Saige came along. And until now, we’ve continued ignoring the holiday. But it’s time. For the first time, I’m dressing up my kids and letting them experience Halloween. (In my defense, last year I was going to make a costume for Saige, but being very pregnant got in the way and it didn’t happen.)

So remembering that background, Saige is going to be a leopard this year. She has (and loves) a little leopard print swing coat, so with a pair of black leggings, a tail, and some ears, she’s ready to go. Simple, inexpensive ($3 for a scarf that I turned into the ears and tail), and comfortable.

I hope she has fun.