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When we originally came to Colorado, we were only going to be here until November 1. So I didn’t pack my decorations for fall or Christmas, thinking that I’d be packing up and that I’d pull out my fall decor for November in Utah.

But plans changed, and we’re now here until Christmas. And I have no decor, which isn’t the end of the world, but I couldn’t help decorating since fall is my favorite. But I didn’t want to buy things that I’d just have to pack up in two months.

So we headed outside to gather pinecones (Saige loved this activity), leaves, and branches. Then we came inside for a little decorating.

Taking string, we tied the pinecones on, then stapled ribbon in between. Two rows, and that area was looking good.

Then I added pinecones, ribbon and a tag to the only vase I have. Leaves and branches went into our good pitcher. And some fallish napkins in a little basket I had in the bathroom. Free and disposable (except for the glass and basket) decor. And I think with some little changes, it can morph into Christmas decor.

I really like it. I might make another one next year.