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This summer there was a very cool street market that we went to a couple of times. It was a lot of vintage items mixed with a few crafty vendors. My favorite booth, though, was a guy who had lots of reclaimed windows, hardware, and other salvaged building material. It was so fun to look at his stuff.

On our last visit, we bought a pair of old windows to decorate with. I loved the weathered look and the layers of paint (green!) beneath the white. We brought them home, scraped the flaking paint (but not too much), washed them, and then added a cable loop for hanging. I also made up a quick pennant bunting using fabric scraps and bias tape that hangs behind the glass. I love it!

On another note, we’ve been having letter-themed days around here, so it’s been fun to display the letter and words we come across during the day on the window. It’s even been nice to have some guidance for dinner (sad that letter-themed days are my menu plan, but it’s better than nothing!).