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This little girl is officially two and a half. It’s crazy that she’s that old and at the same time I don’t know how she’s that young. She thinks and acts older than her age. It’s amazing and frustrating at the same time. For example:

  • She’s super independent and wants to help me with everything. Especially when I would rather do it myself. (Hmm, perhaps I’m seeing a pattern here.) Some days I struggle to know how to channel, corral, or redirect this independence while still giving her boundaries and freedom.
  • Oh, naps. How I miss you. Every once in a while she’ll take one, but the instances keep getting rarer. Instead, she has “quiet time” (which is sometimes less quiet) and Brynley has to nap in another room.
  • She’s really verbal. Everything is a conversation and anyone is the target. She talks to people on the sidewalk and in lines at stores. She observes everything and has something to say about it. People assume she’s older than she is because her sentence structure is fairly advanced and she talks clearly–unless she’s excited. She conjugates most verbs correctly (is, am, and are are still elusive, but it’s impressive nonetheless).
  • Buttons, check. Zippers, check. Tying a bow–really working hard on it. It’s hard to keep her dressed, actually, because she is constantly fastening and unfastening the closures. She’s quite coordinated, and I’m impressed at some of the fine motor things she does.
  • She knows her letters (and numbers and colors), and likes to open books and name all the letters on her own. A few of the lowercase letters confuse her (how do you explain the difference between “l” and “1” when fonts are all different and they’re so close?), but she’s pretty good at it. She loves books, and I know she’s going to be a good reader.
  • This girl loves music and singing. She’s always singing. And she picks up songs all the time that she’s only heard once or twice. She’ll start singing, then stop and ask me, “Mommy, do you know that song?” then continue singing. It’s kind of funny hearing her tiny voice singing, “We Thank Thee, O God, For a Prophet.”
  • She’s entered the “Why?” stage. She asks this question SO MUCH and I try to explain things in a way she’ll understand, but if she doesn’t, this question is followed by, “What that means?” until she’s satisfied. Sometimes that takes awhile. I really thought this came later…

But through all of this, she’s still my little sweetheart (as long as she’s rested and fed). She amazes us daily. She gives the sweetest hugs, kisses, and remembers to be polite most of the time. With another half year of the terrible two’s who knows what’s in store!