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I sometimes wonder why Jan 1 is the day of resolutions. Yes, it’s a new calendar year, but it doesn’t mark a new year in your life, per se.

So for years now I’ve been making my resolutions on my birthday. It’s an easy way to mark the year and make resolutions a little more personal (in my thinking).

When I was a single, I used to categorize my life into the following: work, school, church, and dating. Now that I’m in this stage of life, I’ve modified them into: mothering, personal growth, church, and marriage. I like to think that my crafting/fitness/writing all belong in my personal growth category.

So if I choose one resolution for each of these main categories, that gives me four resolutions for the year. While I won’t share all of my resolutions, I do want to make my blogging a little more regular–meaning I will be writing every other day, even if it’s only my own thoughts or something I want to document. It will be a challenge. But I’m ready.