Happy Thanksgiving! In a time where we all tend to be a little more cognizant of our blessings, I’m very aware of mine. And while I haven’t joined the Facebook revolution of listing something for every day of the month (it’s a great idea, by the way) I do want to list a few things I’m thankful for right now.

  • My family. A wonderful husband who loves me dearly and is a fantastic father. My girls, who I love more than words can describe. My parents and siblings, who I feel so lucky to know and belong to.
  • My home. And this place I’m currently calling home. Grateful to have two places to build memories.
  • My beliefs. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know who I am. I know God’s plan. I am so grateful for that knowledge and conviction.
  • A healthy body. One that I can push and stretch. One that functions properly, without too much troubleshooting, and without much thought.
  • Food to eat, clean water, all the essentials. I have them in abundance, and I’m so grateful for them.
  • My mind. Sometimes I feel like I’m losing it, but I love that I can do things like crafting and writing to keep it active.
  • This is nowhere near a comprehensive list, but my little ones are impatient for my love, which I’m also grateful for, so I’ll leave it at that.