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So I had this favorite pair of socks. They were fabulous. I liked them so much I took them on vacation with us several years ago. Unfortunately, only one came home.

But can I get rid of this lone sock? No. I’m not even a sentimental person, really. My practical side usually wins out, and I move on. But even though it was lost literally on the other side of the world (in South Africa), I can’t bring myself to throw it away. Side note: I dont’ know why, but I’ve lost some of my favorite things in foreign countries…a mitten in Ireland, the other mitten in England, this sock, etc. But I digress…I even brought this sock with us to Colorado when half of my craft stuff is still in Utah.

So if I can’t get rid of this sock, I decided to at least DO something with it. So here it is…a little snowman with a striped sweater that’s pretty darn cute. And now I don’t have to feel guilty about a lone sock in my drawer.