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IMG_3228I have this fascination with seeing how much I can do with just a little. I brought absolutely no Christmas decorations with me, but I just can’t not have some Christmas to look at daily. And since I already have plenty of Christmas decor at home, I took the challenge to see what I could do with what I had plus a little help from the Goodwill.


So I went and scored this small tree (4.5 feet), a box of ornaments, a small mixed bag of decor, and a wreath for $14. I should have taken a picture of this mixed bag straight from the store. It was kind of interesting and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it.

But things started to make sense once I started decorating. For the tree, we used pinecones from an obliging tree to add a natural touch along with the ornaments and fake fruit from the decor bag. I was originally going to glitter the fruit, but changed my mind on most of it. There are still a few pieces that might get a makeover because you can’t see them. Overall I thought it was decent. But it was missing something….

I’ve decided my crafting mantra must be, “if it’s missing something, add ribbon.” Some cute red bows pulled it together, and although I may find (or make) some other red things around the house to turn into ornaments, I’m pretty satisfied. I finished it off with a piece of burlap I had in my stash.

Not too bad for under $14!