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My sister is having a baby in January, and as soon as she told me she was having a boy, I started on her baby gifts. Premature, yes. But I was excited.

I’d been collecting flannel in greens, blues, and browns ever since my mom gave me a piece of plaid flannel because I knew I wanted to make a rag quilt. Kara’s announcement was just the impetus I needed to get started.

Doing the quilt in stripes was super easy, and I loved how quick it was. Even Chad was impressed at how quickly it came together. And I couldn’t even mess it up because there weren’t any corners to match. :) Props to all you quilters!


It was so cute, I wanted to make one for myself. Why? Just because. It will now sit in my closet waiting for another baby to claim it. But since I was out of most of the fabric from the first quilt, the second took on a life of its own, and is much more masculine. Also cute, but definitely a different vibe.

IMG_3048And of course, I had to throw in some burp cloths. When I was starting to sew, I came across the John Deere fabric remnant, and snatched it up for Kara. It’s been waiting a couple of years, so I was excited to make them up.

And now that I’ve given them to her, I can finally share!