5-genaYesterday my Great Grandma Pearl passed away.  What a beautiful lady.  She was always so kind and gentle to us kids, and I have so many memories of visiting her home over the years. She was 96, and her body was worn out, so she’s undoubtedly enjoying some freedom from her earthly pains.

Her last days and passing have reminded me a lot of the blessings I enjoy. In my lifetime I’ve known four of my great grandparents. I don’t know of many others who have had that same privilege. My children already can’t say the same thing.

It has also made me grateful that I took the opportunity when Saige was little to have a five generation picture taken. I love looking at them, and I’m grateful to have come from such wonderful women.

I’m also so grateful for my knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and that our family can be together forever. What a beautiful promise!