When I was growing up, there was always lots of action. With seven kids, that’s a guarantee. And I liked it. I have an aversion to closed doors because I feel like I might be missing something or shutting someone out.

And although there was always something going on, every once in a great while I found myself at home completely ALONE for an hour or two. I relished every second of that time. It was like complete freedom for some reason. I knew I could go somewhere by myself to be alone, but it just seemed better when I was home.

Sometimes (like today) I find myself craving that same thing. With my kids always at my side during the day and the time I have with my husband at night, I am almost never alone. And I feel like I need some alone time to keep close to my own identity rather than losing it in the needs of others.

The funny thing is that I don’t want to get away; I want to be right here–just alone. I really am a home body…