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IMG_6935One year ago today, I found myself on our bathroom floor with a tiny baby in my arms while my sweet husband was rushing to take care of both of us until the EMTs arrived. Adrenaline pumping, I felt no pain and very little stress as I listened to our baby’s first cries. I remember shushing her for a few seconds, not wanting to wake Saige in the next room, then realizing how joyous it was that she was healthy and perfect and welcoming the tiny cries.

I just reread what I wrote about her birth a year ago, and I’m struck by how factual and sequential the account is. I missed out on relating the beauty of the moment and the wonder of our Christmas baby. So many tender little moments.

Like sitting in church just days before she was born listening to the Christmas program and feeling more keenly than ever the tenderness of Jesus’ birth and the majesty of a humble beginning. I don’t think Christmas has ever been so poignant and personal as it was to me last year when I held my three-day-old baby on that special day.IMG_6911

Like the moment, in between Chad thinking the cord was around her neck and me requesting that he call 911 (since the whole born-at-home thing wasn’t planned), when Chad said, “I think she has a dimple.” It was such a simple thing, but we both stopped and had a quiet moment with our seconds-old baby in the stillness of the early morning. She does have a dimple, and it’s beautiful (although it’s terribly hard to catch in a photo).

7 Months

7 Months

For at least 24 hours after she was born, I found myself grinning and laughing in disbelief that she was here–ten days early–in such a dramatic fashion. I just kept kissing her little head with a grin like we already had an inside joke. An experience like none other.

Brynley Claire is such a joy.

7 Months

7 Months


Different from her sister in so many ways, and just as amazing.


She’s wary of strangers, stingy with smiles, and such a mama’s girl. I adore her.IMG_2402 IMG_2859 IMG_3284 IMG_3332

She’s got the whole walking thing down, and pretty much refuses to crawl. She’s trying to run already, which is pretty funny considering how tiny she is. IMG_3443 IMG_3444 IMG_3490She really does think she’s two. She and Saige disappear into another room all the time, and I find them getting into everything imaginable. But they’re doing it together, which I love.

One year down, and I can only imagine what the next will hold!