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IMG_3465I found this really cute sweater recently and snatched it up for super cheap. After washing it, however, I realized it was a bit shorter in the body and arms than I really liked. But since I really liked it I thought it was worth a refashion  into a cardigan.IMG_3437

There are other tutorials out there, so I’m not claiming this is my own, but here’s how I did it. First cut up the middle. (It’s scary, I know!)IMG_3439IMG_3440

Then I found some knit that matched the gray and used it like bias tape to bind the edge. First sew right sides together tucking in the top edge and folding the bottom of the strip around to the back to create a clean edge. You can hopefully see what I mean below.IMG_3441

Then flip the strip over to the other side, tuck in the long raw edge, pin it, and sew through all the layers.


Because you sewed your strip onto the back side at the bottom, there won’t be a gap and the bottom of the sweater will be completely encased in the binding giving it a really nice look.

Since I also had the monkey-arm problem, which can only be remedied by turning long-sleeved things into 3/4 sleeves, I cuffed the sleeve where the ribbing started and tacked it into place on the inside of both sleeves. I then finished it off with a couple of buttons on each cuff to make it look a little more finished.IMG_3459

And now it’s perfect and one-of-a-kind.