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Before Christmas I was making these microwave caramels (they’re really good!) and I had an idea to make a Twix-like concoction. It was totally an experiment, but man, it was a good one. Here’s what I did:


Start by greasing your pan really well or line with waxed paper. I didn’t, and I paid for it later. Then melt some chocolate chips in the bottom of the pan and smooth them out.

IMG_3500  You really don’t need much on the bottom. Just enough to make a thin layer.IMG_3501

Then place a layer of animal crackers (these are from Costco and are just sweet enough and the right texture for a Twix) right on your chocolate.


Pour on the hot caramel, and let it sit until the caramel is set.IMG_3507


Then smooth on another layer of melted chocolate and let cool.


Cut and devour. I’ll be making these again.