We made it through the move. It’s crazy to think that one week ago we were busily packing and preparing for the big day (and visiting with a dear friend for a couple of hours instead of packing at one point). Now I’m sitting in my home as unpacked as we’re going to get.


I thought I’d feel more deeply about the move. More sadness about leaving. More excitement about arriving home.

Instead, I felt gratitude for the wonderful time we had in Colorado. Gratitude for friends who knew I was temporary and still took me in. Gratitude for the wonderful area and the things we were able to do while we were there.

And when I reached home, it was like a gentle hug. A “welcome home,” but not an exuberant one. I look around my house and quietly smile about the memories; about how personal every inch and color and finish feels. And how everything is just how I want it to be. I’m soaking it all in before we leave again.

I’m sure I’ll have another quiet moment when we leave for California. A lingering touch or glance before walking away. But everything moves forward and we’re part of that forward motion. I’m excited about the opportunities that await us.