Have you ever noticed one of your own tendencies and wondered why you behave that way? I love to create things. It’s ingrained in me. I’m always trying to figure out how to make something that I see and like.

And something happens to me when I can’t create. I buy supplies. Can’t sew something? Buy fabric instead! You know, for when things return to normal. Can’t get all your papercrafting stuff out and just make cards? New patterned paper or ink or stamps will help!

So for months my sewing and crafting supplies largely sat in boxes, waiting for the move to happen. My desk/sewing area served as our kitchen table (while Chad builds/built one for us out of reclaimed mahogany with a metal base). I felt like part of me was missing–the nice part that likes to play with her kids because she finds fulfillment in creativity. Instead I purchased fabric, crafting supplies, and received a huge box of paper, stamps, and ink from a friend. It just made the anticipation stronger.

Now that I finally have a dedicated space for creating, I’m feeling so much more like myself. The ideas aren’t trapped inside anymore; I can just run upstairs and find the ribbon, fabric, paint, paper, or glue that I need for my spur-of-the-moment project. It’s the messiest space in the whole house, but it works, and making it beautiful will come soon enough.