It’s been quiet here, but not because I haven’t been busy blogging. You see, I’ve been feeling torn for a while because my blog didn’t seem to have a defined purpose and I’d never given real expectations to myself or to you. I wanted to

  1. Deconstruct, clarify, and start fresh.
  2. Separate some of my more personal posts from the crafting ones. That’s not to say there won’t be some cross-over, but I’ll feel more organized knowing that there’s a clear delineation and expectation for what will be on which blog.
  3. Create a second blog for the crafting posts. I love the name “This Mabey Heaven,” and while it’s perfect for family things, it’s not as direct or clear a name for crafting. I was brainstorming for a new blog name, and when “Mabey She Made It” came to mind, I knew instantly what I wanted to do. This Mabey Heaven will become a personal blog (which you’re welcome to continue following) while Mabey She Made It will contain my crafting endeavors.

So with that explanation, I hope you’ll come check out

Mabey She Made Itand tell me what you think!