IMG_0238For as much as I love words, I have a hard time expressing myself when it matters most. And so as I reflect on what my sweet husband means to me, please know that my words fall very short.


My sweetheart; my love; my best friend. You put up with me and my many flaws. You put up with my poor communication, and you try to help me improve. You put me back together when I’m a mess over something insignificant and comfort me over the significant things. You support me in my projects, and somehow forgive me when I go overboard. I can’t thank you enough for all these things. Your sacrifices and efforts are not lost on me.


You are the kind of dad that your girls adore. You give them the discipline they need and the kind of love they dream about all day long. You give them direction, opportunities to grow, and the means for all of us to live comfortably. You are so loved.

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I know I fall short often, but life would be You’re the leader of Team Mabey, and we’d all be lost without you. Happy Birthday and Happy Father’s Day. You really are the best!